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A Liberally Sprinkled Dose of Humour Was Very Much Appreciated. Right Now I Want Two Things: Peace and Quiet. Our Liberal-minded Clergyman Managed to Unite the Entire Congregation. - English Language



Choose the sentence (s) which is/ are punctuated correctly.

  1. A liberally sprinkled dose of humour was very much appreciated.
  2. Right now I want two things: peace and quiet.
  3. Our liberal-minded clergyman managed to unite the entire congregation.
  4. Right now I want two things; peace and quiet.


  • II, III

  • I, IV

  • I, II, III

  • III, IV


I, II, III are the correct options.
A colon precedes a list of items. The names of the 'two things' will follow a colon.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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