A Large Number of Married Couples the World Over Are Childless. It is Shocking to Know that in India the Female Partner is Often Blamed for the Couple Being Childless. - Biology


A large number of married couples the world over are childless. It is shocking to know that in India the female partner is often blamed for the couple being childless.
(a) Why in your opinion the female partner is often blamed for such situations in India? Mention any two values that you as a biology student can promote to check this social evil.
(b) State any two reasons responsible for the cause of infertility.
(c) Suggest a technique that can help the couple to have a child where the problem is with male partner



(a) Females are often blamed for the couple being unable to reproduce because there is lack of awareness about the issue. As a biology student, I would promote the following two values among people:
(i) Either of the partners could be responsible for the couple being childless.
(ii) We must not blame females for infertility without proper diagnosis.

(b) Two reasons for infertility could be congenital disease and drugs.

(c) There are various techniques which can help in the condition when the male partner is infertile. One such technique is artificial insemination. In this technique, the semen collected from the husband or a donor is introduced into the vagina or uterus. This cures infertility arising from the inability of the male partner to ejaculate or due to his low sperm count.

Concept: Infertility
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State True/False with explanation

Infertility is defined as the inability to produce a viable offspring and is always due to abnormalities/defects in the female partner. (True/False)

Write a brief note on the causes of infertility.

Expand the following: ZIFT

Give four causes of infertility in males.

Explain one application of the following:

Multiple choice question.

Test tube baby technique is called _______.

Fill in the blank:

The disc-like structure which helps in the transfer of substances to and from the fetus’s body is called _______.

Fill in the blank:

Gonorrhoea is caused by _______ bacteria.

Fill in the blank:

The hormone produced by the testis is _______.

Short answer question.

Write a note on IVF.

Correct the following statement.

Transfering of an embryo with more than 8 blastomeres into the uterus is called GIFT.

Expand the following.


The procedure of GIFT involves the transfer of female gametes into the fallopian tube, can gametes be transferred to the uterus to achieve the same result? Explain.

Expand the following.


In which technique of ART is a single sperm injected directly into the cytoplasm of the ovum?

Generally the zygote or early embryo with how many blastomeres is transferred into the fallopian for further development, in IVF?

Which method of ART is preferred incase of blockage of fallopian tubes?

AI is the preferred technique used incase of ____________.

In ______ the egg is first fertilized outside the body and then it is inserted into the oviduct.

The highly sophisticated procedure of directly injecting a sperm into an egg is called ______.

In case of a couple where the male is having a very low sperm count, which technique will be suitable for fertilisation?

Test-tube baby is one who ______.

Assisted reproductive technology, IVF involves transfer of ______.

A childless couple can be assisted to have a child through a technique called GIFT. The full form of this technique is ______.

Artificial insemination means ______.

Which method can be used for women that cannot produce ovum but can provide suitable environment?

The test-tube baby programme employs which one of the following techniques?

The first case of IVF-ET technique success, was reported by ______.

In ET technique embryo is transferred into ______.

What is correct for test tube baby?

Identify the correct reasons for infertility.

(i) Drugs

(ii) Diseases

(iii) Congenital

(iv) Use of Contraceptives

(v) Immunological or psychological

(vi) Assisted reproductive technology

The stage transferred into the lotuses after induced fertilization of ova in the laboratory is ______.

The test-tube baby programme employs which one of the following techniques?

ZIFT stands for ______

In ZIFT method, there is ______.

Read the given below statements carefully and state whether the following are true (T) or false (F).

  • I - MOET is one of the methods of IVF.
  • II - ICSI is a method useful only for males who are unable to inseminate.
  • III - MTP is considered safe during the first 1 week of pregnancy.
  • IV - LNG-20, multi-load 375 are hormone-releasing IUDs.
  • V - Steroids inhibit ovulation and implantation.

Choose the correct option regarding the above-given statements.

In which of the following techniques, the embryos are transferred to exist those females who cannot conceive?

Given below are Column A with a list of certain Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and in Column B the procedures followed during ART:

Column A Column B
S. No. Names of ART S. No. Procedures
(A) GIFT (i) Transfer of ovum from a donor into the fallopian tube of another female.
(B) ICSI (ii) Transfer of semen from the donor into the vagina of the female.
(C) ZIFT (iii) Injecting sperm directly into the ovum.
(D) IUI (iv) Transfer of early embryos into the fallopian tube.

Choose the option where ART correctly matches with the procedure.

Write the long form of -GIFT.

The ______ is also called the womb.

Give a term for the following:

An ART in which eggs are removed from the ovary of the female, fertilised and then placed in her fallopian tube.

Expand the term ZIT.

The ______ is also called the womb.

Name any two Cu-ions releasing IUDs.

Explain any two ways by which IUDs devices act as contraceptives.


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