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A) Lack of Management of Which Factor is Shown in the Picture? B) How Can that Factor Be Managed with the Help of Microbes? C) How the Oil Spills in Oceans Are Cleared? - Science and Technology 2

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A) Lack of management of which factor is shown in the picture?
B) How can that factor be managed with the help of microbes?
C) How the oil spills in oceans are cleared?

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i. The picture shows the lack of management of waste water/sewage.
ii. Microbes which can decompose any compound as well as destroy the pathogens of cholera, typhoid, etc. are mixed with sewage. They release methane and CO2 by decomposition of the carbon compounds present in sewage. Phenol oxidizing bacteria decompose the xenobiotic chemicals present ins ewage.
iii. Hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria like Alcanivorax borkumensis & Pseudomonas are used to clear the oil spillage from ocean water. These bacteria decompose the hydrocarbons and the bring about the reaction of released carbon with oxygen to produce CO2 & water.

Concept: Uses of Microorganisms (Microbes)
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