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A Labourer is Engaged for 20 Days on the Condition that He Will Receive Rs 60 for Each Day, He Works and He Will Be Fined Rs 5 for Each Day, He is Absent. If He Receives Rs 745 in All, - Mathematics


A labourer is engaged for 20 days on the condition that he will receive Rs 60 for each day, he works and he will be fined Rs 5 for each day, he is absent. If he receives Rs 745 in all, for how many days he remained absent?

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Let the number of days for which the labourer is absent be x . 
Therefore, the number of days for which he is present will be (20 - x) . 
∴ Earnings = Rs . 60(20 - x)
 Fine = Rs . 5x
According to the question, 
60(20 - x) - 5x = 745
or 1200 - 60x - 5x = 745
or 65x = 1200 - 745
or\[ x = \frac{455}{65} = 7\]
Thus, the labourer was absent for 7 days.

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RD Sharma Class 8 Maths
Chapter 9 Linear Equation in One Variable
Exercise 9.4 | Q 18 | Page 30
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