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A Hemispherical Bowl of Internal Radius 9 Cm is Full of Water. this Water is to Be Filled in Cylindrical Bottles of Diameter 3 Cm and Height 4 Cm. Find the Number of Bottles Needed in - Mathematics


A hemispherical bowl of internal radius 9 cm is full of water. This water is to be filled in cylindrical bottles of diameter 3 cm and height 4 cm. Find the number of bottles needed in which the water can be filled.

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Radius of hemisphere = 9 cm

Volume of hemisphere `= 2/3 pir^3`


Radius of each bottle `= 3/2 "cm"` 

Height of each bottle = 4 cm

Volume of each bottle `= pi"r"^2"h"`


Numbe of bottles `= "Volume of the hemisphre"/"Volume of each bottle"`


= 54

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RS Aggarwal Secondary School Class 10 Maths
Chapter 19 Volume and Surface Area of Solids
Formative Assessment | Q 13 | Page 938
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