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A Hemispherical Bowl of Internal Diameter 30 Cm is Full of a Liquid. this Liquid is Poured into Cylindrical Bottles of Diameter 5 Cm and Height 6 Cm Each. How Many Bottles Are Required? - Mathematics


A hemispherical bowl of internal diameter 30 cm is full of a liquid. This liquid is poured into cylindrical bottles of diameter 5 cm and height 6 cm each. How many bottles are required?

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Radius of hemispherical ball`=30/2 = 15  "cm"`

Volume of hemispherical bowl`=2/3 pi"r"^3`


Radius of each bottle`=5/2 "cm"`

Height of each bottle = 6 cm

Volume of each bottle =πr2h


Number of bottles required`="Volume of the hemisphere bowl"/"Volume of each bottle"`



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