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A Heavy Box is Kept on a Smooth Inclined Plane and is Pushed up by a Force F Acting Parallel to the Plane.Does the Work by the Force of Gravity Depend on This? - Physics

Short Note

A heavy box is kept on a smooth inclined plane and is pushed up by a force F acting parallel to the plane. Does the work done by the force F as the box goes from A to B depend on how fast the box was moving at A and B? Does the work by the force of gravity depend on this? 

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(i) No. As the surface is smooth and the friction is zero, work done by the force will only depend on the force and the displacement.

(ii) No, because gravitational force is a conservative force and work done by a conservative force will depend only on the force and the displacement

Concept: Non - Conservative Forces - Motion in a Vertical Circle
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 8 Work and Energy
Short Answers | Q 8 | Page 130
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