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A Goods Train is 800 Meters Long and It is Running at a Constant Speed of 60 Km/Per Hour. If It Takes 120 Seconds to Pass a Bridge, Then Calculate the Length of the Bridge? - Mathematics


A goods train is 800 meters long and it is running at a constant speed of 60 km/per hour. If it takes 120 seconds to pass a bridge, then calculate the length of the bridge?


  • 1450

  • 1200

  • 1600

  • 1800

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As given in the question,

Speed = 60km/h = `50/3`m/s

Time = 120 s

Let the length of the bridge be 'x' m

Distance = (800 + x)m 

Using the formula,

Speed = Distance/time


2000 = 800 + x

Therefore, x = 1200 m

The length of the bridge is 1200 meters.

Concept: Time, Distance and Speed(Entrance Exam)
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