A Godown Measures 40m × 25 M × 10 M. Find the Maximum Number of Wooden Crates Each Measuring 1.5 M × 1.25 M × 0.5 M that Can Be Stored in the Godown. - Mathematics

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A godown measures 40m × 25 m × 10 m. Find the maximum number of wooden crates each measuring 1.5 m
× 1.25 m × 0.5 m that can be stored in the godown.

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Given go down length`(l_1)=40m.`
`Breath (b_1 ) = 25m.`
`Height (h_1 ) = 10m.`
`"Volume of wooden crate"=l_1xxb_1xxh_1=40xx25xx10m^3`
Wood of wooden crate= `l_2xxb_2xxh_2`

Let m wooden creates be stored in the go down volume of m wood crates = volume of go down


Thus, 10, 666  66 wooden crates can be stored in go down.

Concept: Volume of a Cuboid
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 18 Surface Areas and Volume of a Cuboid and Cube
Exercise 18.2 | Q 18 | Page 31

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