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A Girl is Wearing a Pair of Flat Shoes. She Weighs 550 N. the Area of Contact of One Shoe with the Ground is 160 Cm2. What Pressure Will Be Exerted by the Girl on the Ground If She Stands on Two Feet - Science

Short Note

A girl is wearing a pair of flat shoes. She weighs 550 N. The area of contact of one shoe with the ground is 160 cm2. What pressure will be exerted by the girl on the ground if she stands on two feet ?

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Area of one foot = 160 cm2 (160/10,000 = 0.016 m2)
Area of two feet = 0.016 × 2 = 0.032m2
Pressure = ?
Weight = 550 N
`"Pressure" = "Force"/"Area"`
= `550/0.032`
Pressure = 17,187.5 Pa or N/m2
Ans: Pressure = 17,187.5 Pa or N/m2.

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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 3 Gravitation
Short Answers | Q 51.1 | Page 125
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