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A Fruit-seller Sells 4 Oranges for Rs. 3, Gaining 50%. Find : (I) C.P. of 4 Oranges, (Ii) C.P. of One Orange. (Iii) S.P. of One Orange. (Iv) Profit Made by Selling One Orange. (V) a Number of Ora - Mathematics


A fruit-seller sells 4 oranges for Rs. 3, gaining 50%. Find :
(i) C.P. of 4 oranges,
(ii) C.P. of one orange.
(iii) S.P. of one orange.
(iv) profit made by selling one orange.
(v) a number of oranges brought and sold in order to gain Rs. 24.

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S.P.of 4 oranges = Rs.3

∴ S.P. of 1 orange = Rs.`3/4`, Gain = 50%

S.P. =`("C.P."xx150)/100`

∴ C.P. of 1 orange = `(100xx"S.P.")/((100+50))`


= Rs.`1/2`

(i) C.P. of 4 orange = `4xx1/2` = Rs.2

(ii) C.P. of 1 orange = Rs.`1/2` = Rs. (0.50)

(iii) S.P. of 1 orange = Rs. `3/4` = Rs.0.75

(iv) Profit made by selling one orange


(v) If gain is Rs. `1/4`, number of oranges = 1

If gain is Rs. 24, number of oranges =`1/(4/1)xx24`


Concept: To Find C.P., When S.P. and Gain (Or Loss) Percent Are Given
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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 8 Profit, Loss and Discount
Exercise 8 (C) | Q 2 | Page 95
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