A Field is 200 M Long and 150 M Broad. There is a Plot, 50 M Long and 40 M Broad, Near Thefield. the Plot is Dug 7 M Deep and the Earth Taken Out is Spread Evenly on the Field. - Mathematics

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A field is 200 m long and 150 m broad. There is a plot, 50 m long and 40 m broad, near thefield. The plot is dug 7 m deep and the earth taken out is spread evenly on the field. Byhow many meters is the level of the field raised? Give the answer to the second place of decimal.

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Volume of earth dug out `=50xx40xx7 m^3`


Let the height of the field rises by h meters

∴volume of filed (cuboidal)=Volume of earth dugout

Concept: Volume of a Cuboid
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 18 Surface Areas and Volume of a Cuboid and Cube
Exercise 18.2 | Q 14 | Page 30

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