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(A) Draw a Sketch to Show How a Lens is Able to Produce an Image of the Sun on a Paper Screen. - Physics

One Line Answer

(a) Draw a sketch to show how a lens is able to produce an image of the sun on a paper screen.
(b)(i)    Would you regard the rays from the sun as being divergent, parallel or convergent?
(ii)    What is the name given to the point where such rays meet after they have passed through the lens?
(iii)    How does the image of the sun sometimes burn a paper screen?

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(i) Rays from sun can be regarded as parallel rays.
(ii) The point is called 'Focus'.
(iii) A convex lens is used to focus the sun rays on a piece of paper to burn a piece of paper. A large amount of heat gets concentrated at a point and is sufficient to burn the piece of paper.

Concept: Concept Refraction of Light Through a Lense
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2
Chapter 2 Light
Exercise | Q 3 | Page 113
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