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A. Do any one of the following: (05) A1. Expand the theme:Expand the following idea into 100 words:‘Travelling broadness our mind’ - English

Long Answer

A. Do any one of the following: (05)

A1. Expand the theme:
Expand the following idea into 100 words:
‘Travelling broadness our mind’


A2. News Report:

Prepare a news report on the following:
‘14 Child Labourers Were Rescued From Firework Factory.’

B. Developing a story/Narrating experience: (05)

B1. Develop a story in about 800-100 words with the following ending:

Give a suitable title:
following words:

This year it was an unusual Independence Day………………

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A. Do any one of the following:

Travelling broadens our mind

Travelling Broadens the perspective and mind. It helps you to think outside the safe cocoon. It improves social skills as you meet a lot of people from different places. Travelling experience makes you come out of your comfort zone as it is not about luxury and comfort, it is about beholding the beautiful bouquet that the world has to offer and experience it. The serenity of nature and the beauty of historical places mesmerize you by leaving you calm and composed. Exploring new destination boosts confidence as you get to meet and see new people and surrounding. It unwinds you and makes you more receptive to life. Getting to know different cultures and traditions and appreciating them is another advantage of travelling. The biggest learning of travelling is to value experience over worldly things.


A2. News Report:

14 Child Labourers Rescued from Firework Factory
- Rohan Kaushik, Student Staff Reporter

Sivakasi, 20th March 2021

Fourteen innocent children in the age group of nine to thirteen years were found being exploited by an owner of a fireworks factory in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. They were illegally being made to work in highly hazardous conditions, in exchange for food and shelter. These kids, eight boys and six girls, were victims of human trafficking and were brought in from other states to avoid detection. They belonged to poor families whose parents had earlier sold them as bonded labourers. These facts came to light after a police raid on the factory premises in the wee hours of 10th December. The proprietor of the firm was arrested along with two human traffickers who were present inside the factory. The inspector who led the raid commented, “For the past two weeks, we were collecting evidence against the proprietor and the human traffickers. With enough evidence, we successfully conducted the raid yesterday.”

B1. The Unusual Independence day: My twenty-first birthday
It was my birthday and I was excited to the core. I woke up and went to my mother but, all she said was get ready for college. My father was glued to the newspaper. I got a call from my friends which made me happy again but, they only called up for going together to college for Independence Day celebrations. This time, I was left aghast! How can so many people forget to wish me! When I finally returned home in the evening, there was a party planned by my friends and family, to my surprise. But, all of a sudden, we felt tremors and everything started shaking. It was an earthquake! Eventually, the tremors subsided. Nobody was hurt but everybody departed on an unpleasant note. This year it was really an unusual Independence Day.

Concept: Writing Skill
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