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A. Do any one of the following: (05)A1. Expand the theme: Expand the following idea into 100 words:‘Health Is Wealth’ - English

Long Answer

A. Do any one of the following: (05)
A1. Expand the theme:

Expand the following idea into 100 words:
‘Health Is Wealth’


A2. News Report:
Prepare a news report on the following:
‘Traffic Police Commissioner conducts a lecture series, to enlighten the students about safe driving.’

B. Developing a story/Narrating experience: (05)

B1. Develop a story in about 800-100 words with the following beginning:

Give a suitable title:
It was Saturday night and I was all alone at home, when suddenly....................

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A. Do any one of the following:

Health is Wealth

Health is not a luxury everyone is blessed with. “Health is wealth” is a saying that can be found in almost any language or culture, and it is absolutely true. If you lose your health, nothing else in life holds importance. Health deteriorates for many reasons. Illnesses can occur at any point, and so, we need to invest our time and effort in our wellbeing and health. Good physical, as well as mental health, ensures a smooth lifestyle. A balanced and controlled lifestyle with enough attention to healthy food, proper exercise, a balanced diet, and intake of water and nutrients is required. Apart from that, mental health and wellbeing should also be treated equally. Balance of healthy and tasty food, fun, and fitness is the ideal way to take care of the biggest gift we have received: our body.


A2. News Report:

Safety Driving Lessons

- Rohan Kaushik, Student Staff Reporter

Mumbai, 20th March, 2021

Due to the increasing number of road accidents involving young students, the traffic commissioner of Mumbai city along with the help of the entire traffic department, announced a series of lectures for students, to educate and enlighten them. 
It was noted that students, especially those who recently received their licenses, were unaware of the threat of driving in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. The series includes four lectures, each to be conducted online on Sundays in the month of March. Two lectures have already been conducted, talking about road safety, first aid, and traffic rules. This has received a tremendous response and students all over the city are joining and learning. It is a great initiative, which has already helped with raising and spreading essential information. It has impacted hundreds of students and is continuing to do so.


Late-night Flames

It was a Saturday night and I was all alone at home when suddenly I saw smoke coming out of our neighbours’ kitchen window. I ran out of my house to see what was happening. I was shocked to see that the entire kitchen had caught flames but luckily, there was no one home. I panicked but came back home and called the fire department. I also shouted and tried to ask for help from the other neighbours. In only a few seconds, some people had gathered around the burning house. By then, the flames had reached other rooms too. The fire truck arrived and they were rapidly trying to distinguish the fire. By the time the owners arrived, the fire had been put out. Everyone applauded my quick thinking. I was extremely shocked but glad that I could help.

Concept: Writing Skill
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