A Defamatory Statement is One Which is Intended to Or Likely to Cause a Person to Be Shunned Or Avoided in the Society. is Amit'S Remark Defamatory? - Legal Reasoning


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  1. A defamatory statement is one which is intended to or likely to cause a person to be shunned or avoided in the society.
  2. Communicating a false and defamatory statement to a person other than the person about whom the statement is made; is a punishable offense.

Facts: Amit had been suffering from severe ear-ache and head-ache for a week and so he went to an ENT specialist DoctorSunil Babu. Even after consuming medicines prescribed by Doctor Babu for over a week; Amit did not experience any relief. When he went to Doctor Babu's clinic; he was asked by the receptionist to wait for an hour. After waiting for an hour; he was told by another receptionist that Doctor Babu was out of the station. Annoyed at this, he told the receptionist that Doctor Babu should not be negligent in respect of his patients.

Is Amit's remark defamatory?


  • The statement was made to the receptionist so Amit is guilty.

  • Amit is not guilty.

  • Amit is guilty because he accused Doctor Babu of being negligent

  • None of the above



Amit is not guilty.
In the above-mentioned situation Amit is not guilty as the doctor owes a duty to be available for his patients and even after Amitwaited for an hour he was not informed appropriately about the whereabouts of the doctor. Such a carelessness caused him huge annoyance.

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