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A Cylinderical Container with Diameter of Base 42 Cm Contains Sufficient Water to Submerge a Rectangular Soild of Iron with Dimesions 22cm Xx14 Cm 10.5cm. Find the Rise in Level of the Wa - Mathematics


A cylinderical container with diameter of base 42 cm contains sufficient water to submerge a rectangular soild of iron with dimesions 22cm xx14 cm 10.5cm. find the rise in level of the water the solid is submerged. 

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`"Diameter of cylindrical container"=42 cm`

`"Therefore, radius (r)"=21 cm `

`"Dimensions of reactangular solid" =22 cmxx14 cmxx10.5 cm`

`"Volume of solid"=22x14xx10.5 cm^3` 

`"Let height of water"=h`

`"Therefore, volume of water in the container"=pir^2h`

`=22/7xx21xx21xxh cm^3=22xx63h cm^3...........(2)`

From (1) and (2) 


`⇒ h=(22xx14xx10.5)/(22xx63)`

`⇒ h=7/3`

`⇒h=2 1/3 or 2.33 cm`

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Selina Concise Maths Class 10 ICSE
Chapter 20 Cylinder, Cone and Sphere
Exercise 20 (A) | Q 8 | Page 297
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