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A Cubical Ice-cream Brick of Edge 22 Cm is to Be Distributed Among Some Children by Filling Ice-cream Cones of Radius 2 Cm and Height 7 Cm up to - Mathematics


A cubical ice-cream brick of edge 22 cm is to be distributed among some children by filling ice-cream cones of radius 2 cm and height 7 cm up to the brim. How many children will get the ice-cream cones?


  • 163

  • 263

  • 363

  • 463

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The edge of the cubical ice - cream brick = a = 22 cm

Volume of the cubical ice - creaam brick = (a)

`= (22xx22xx22) "cm"^3`

Radius of an ice- cream cone = 2 cm

Height of an ice - cream cone = 7 cm

Volume of each ice - cream cone `= 1/3pi"r"^2"h" `

`= (1/3xx22/7xx2xx2xx7) "cm"^3`

Number of ice - cream cones`= "Volume of the cubical ice cream brick"/"Volume of each ice cream cone"`

`= (22xx22xx22xx3xx7)/(22xx2xx2xx7)`


Hence, the number of ice cream cones is 363

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RS Aggarwal Secondary School Class 10 Maths
Chapter 19 Volume and Surface Area of Solids
Multiple Choice Questions | Q 25 | Page 920
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