A Consumer Dispute Redressal Agency that Handles Claims up to Rupees Twenty Lakhs (Rs. 20,00,000) - Organisation of Commerce and Management


A consumer dispute redressal agency that handles claims up to rupees twenty lakhs (Rs. 20,00,000)



District Forum

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2016-2017 (March)

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Distinguish between the following:

District Forum and State Commission.

Match the correct pairs

Group 'A'

Group 'B'

a. Common seal 

1. Related with human factors

b. Bonded Warehouses 

2. Located at railway station

c. B to C

3. Business to Business

d. Mumbai Grahak Panchayat 

4. Joint Stock Company

e. Staffing 

5. Political organisation


6. Business to consumer


7. Located within the ports


8. Partnership firm


9. Related with financial factor


10. Non – Government Organisation working for consumers.

Distinguish between District Forum and National Commission

State any three directions which can be issued by the consumer court to the opposite party if it is satisfied about the genuineness of the complaint.

How are consumer grievances redressed by the three-tier machinery under Consumer Protection Act, 1986? Explain.

Write only ‘one’ word or phrase or term which can substitute the following statement :

A consumer dispute redressal agency the handles claims of more than ` 1 (one) crore.

State Commission National Commission

A consumer dispute redressal agency working at a national level.

State Commission National Commission

A Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, to be known as the District Forum.

The number of members in the State Forum are .................. .

District Forum and National Commission.

Explain the redressal mechanism available to consumers under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

District Forum and State Commission


A consumer can file a complaint in the appropriate state Commission· in case the value of the goods or the services in question is more than Rs ______. lakhs but is less than Rs______ crore.

Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. The Consumer Protection Act provides for six consumer rights.
  2. The Consumer Protection Act provides for seven consumer rights.

______ Act is formed to prevent such practices by the business firms fhat hinder coll\petition in the market.

Your mother purchased a washing machine for Rs. 10,000 from an authorised dealer of the manufacturer with a verbal guarantee that the machine will be replaced with a new one if any of its parts becomes defective within 3 months from the date of purchase. The motor of the machine was burnt within 15 days of its purchase. On complaining, the seller refused to replace the machine. Name the redressal agency under Consumer Protection Act where your mother can file the complaint.

Mr. X purchased a car for Rs.15 lakh but he is not satisfied with the quality and performance of the car. The company of the car did not provide any remedy to him. Under which authority of Consumer Protection Act, 2019 can he file an appeal?

Match the REDRESSAL AGENCY as per Consumer Protection Act in Column I with the COMPENSATION CLAIMED in Column II.

  Column I Column II
(i) District Commission Exceeds Rs. 2 crore
(ii) National Commission Exceeds Rs 50 lakh but does not exceed Rs 2 crore
(iii) State Commission Does not exceed Rs 50 lakh

State when can a consumer complain directly in the 'State Commission' and 'National Commission'? If the consumer is not satisfied with the decision of 'The State Commission' and National Commission' where can he/she appeal?

State any five reliefs available to a consumer if the consumer court is satisfied with the genuineness of the complaint.

As per the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, for what value of defective goods or deficient services can a complaint be filed at the State Commission?

Where can an appeal against the order of the National Commission be made if the aggrieved party is not satisfied by its order?


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