A Consumer Consumes Only Two Goods X and Y. Marginal Utilities of X and Y Are 4 and 3 Respectively. Price of X and Price of Y is Rs 3 per Unit. is Consumer in Equilibrium? What Will Be Further Reaction of the Consumer? Give Reasons. - Economics

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A consumer consumes only two goods X and Y. Marginal utilities of X and Y are 4 and 3 respectively. Price of X and price of Y is Rs 3 per unit. Is consumer in equilibrium? What will be further reaction of the consumer? Give reasons.

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In case of two goods, a consumer strikes equilibrium when


Given that



Here, `(MU_x)/P_x>(MU_y)/P_y`

Thus, if a consumer is not in equilibrium, then the consumer increases the consumption of Good X and decreases that of Good Y to reach the equilibrium.

Concept: Conditions of Consumer's Equilibrium Using Marginal Utility Analysis
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2015-2016 (March) All India Set 2

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