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A Company Wants to Increase Its Market Share from the Present 10% to 25% to Have a Dominant Position in the Market by the End of the Next Financial Year. - Business Studies

Short Note

A company wants to increase its market share from the present 10% to 25% to have a dominant position in the market by the end of the next financial year. Ms Rajni, the  sales manager has been asked to prepare a proposal that  will outline the options available for achieving this objective. Her report included the following options - entering new  markets, expanding the product range offered to customers, using sales promotion techniques such as giving rebates,  discounts or increasing the budget for advertising activities.  Which step of the planning process has been performed by  Ms Rajni?

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The step of the planning process has been performed by Ms. Rajni is identifying the various courses of action. She did a detailed study of the various fields and now the company will choose the best alternative which is profitable, feasible and with the least negative consequences.

Concept: Budget and Programme
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NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Part 1 - Principles and Functions of Management
Chapter 4 Planning
Very Short Answer | Q 2 | Page 108
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