Department of Pre-University Education, KarnatakaPUC Karnataka Science Class 11
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A Closed Cylindrical Tube Containing Some Water (Not Filling the Entire Tube) Lies in a Horizontal Plane. - Physics

Fill in the Blanks

A closed cylindrical tube containing some water (not filling the entire tube) lies in a horizontal plane. If the tube is rotated about a perpendicular bisector, the moment of inertia of water about the axis __________ .


  • increases

  • decreases

  • remains constant

  • increases if the rotation is clockwise and decreases if it is anticlockwise

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Moment of inertia of a mass is directly proportional to the square of the distance of mass from the axis of rotation.
Therefore, we have

\[I \propto  r^2\]

As the tube is rotated, water is collected at the end of tube because of centrifugal force and distance from the rotation axis increases. Hence, moment of inertia increases.

Concept: Values of Moments of Inertia for Simple Geometrical Objects (No Derivation)
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 10 Rotational Mechanics
MCQ | Q 13 | Page 193
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