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A Civilised and Well Groomed Personality Has a Positive Impact on Others. Write an Article in 100-120 Words for Your School Magazine on the Importance of Education in Personality Development. You Are Mike/Manish - English - Language and Literature

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A civilised and well groomed personality has a positive impact on others. Write an article in 100-120 words for your school magazine on the importance of education in personality development. You are Mike/Manish.

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Importance of education in personality development

A possible way to approach to this article can be using the below-mentioned value points:

- The purpose of education is to develop knowledge, skill, and character of a person.

- Education not only provides knowledge and skills, but also imparts values, and cultivates right attitude and habits.

- The process of education inspires an individual to think, consider, evaluate and to act.

- To meet all challenges of life, academic qualification alone is not sufficient, it requires a developed personality with all the traits.

- Education helps to improve the capability of an individual.

Concept: Writing Skill
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