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A Child Was Born on 13th January 1976 Which Was a Tuesday. What Day of the Week Will Be the Child‘S Birth Day in the Year 1986? - Mathematics



A child was born on 13th January 1976 which was a Tuesday. What day of the week will be the child‘s birthday in the year 1986?


  • Sunday 

  • Friday 

  • Saturday 

  • Monday 




We know that,  
Number of odd days in a non-leap year = 1  
Number of odd days in a Leap year = 2  
As year 1976 is a leap year.  
So, Number of odd day in 1976 = 2  
Similarly, 1980, 1984 are two leap year.  
between 1976 to 1986  
Also, Number of non-leap year between 1976 to 1986  = 7 year  
Total number of odd days  
= 3 × 2 + 7 × 1 = 13 days  
13 days = 1 week + 6 days  
Hence, 13th January 1986 will be Monday.

Concept: Probability (Entrance Exam)
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