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A Charge Q is Uniformly Distributed on a Spherical Shell. What is the Field at the Centre of the Shell? - Physics

Answer in Brief

A charge Q is uniformly distributed on a spherical shell. What is the field at the centre of the shell? If a point charge is brought close to the shell, will the field at the centre change? Does your answer depend on whether the shell is conducting or non-conducting?

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The field at the centre of the shell is zero. As all the charge given to a conductor resides on the surface, the field at any point inside the conducting sphere is zero. Also, the charge distribution at the surface is uniform; so all the electric field vectors due to these charges at the centre are equal and opposite. So, they cancel each other, resulting in a zero net value of the field.
When a charge is brought near the shell, due to induction, opposite polarity charges induce on the surface nearer to the charge and the same polarity charges appear on the face farther from the charge. In this way, a field is generated inside the shell. Hence, the field at the centre is non-zero.
Yes, our answer changes in case of a non-conducting spherical shell. As the charge given to the surface of a non-conducting spherical shell spreads non-uniformly, there is a net electric field at the centre of the sphere.

Concept: Uniformly Charged Infinite Plane Sheet and Uniformly Charged Thin Spherical Shell (Field Inside and Outside)
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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 8 Gauss’s Law
Q 3 | Page 139
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