A cell constituted by two electrodes A (EAAEA+/A0 = 0.35 V) and B (EBBEB+/B0 = + 0.42 V) has value of EcellEcell0 equal to _________. - Chemistry

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A cell constituted by two electrodes A (`"E"_("A"^+//"A")^0` = 0.35 V) and B (`"E"_("B"^+//"B")^0` = + 0.42 V) has value of `"E"_"cell"^0` equal to _________.


  • 0.77 V

  • 0.07 V

  • –0.77 V

  • –0.07 V



A cell constituted by two electrodes A (`"E"_("A"^+//"A")^0` = 0.35 V) and B (`"E"_("B"^+//"B")^0`= + 0.42 V) has a value of `"E"_"cell"^0` equal to 0.07 V.


The species which has lesser value of standard reduction potential (E0) is better reducing agent.

A ⇒ Reducing agent = it will undergo oxidation = Anode

B ⇒ Oxidising agent = it will undergo reduction = Cathode

`"E"_"cell"^0 = "E"_"cathode"^0 - "E"_"anode"^0`

`"E"_"cell"^0 = + 0.42 " V" - 0.35 " V"`

`"E"_"cell"^0 = 0.07` V

Concept: Electrolytic Cell
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Chapter 5: Electrochemistry - Multiple choice questions


SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 12th Standard HSC Chemistry Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 5 Electrochemistry
Multiple choice questions | Q 9


Answer the following in one or two sentences.

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