A Carrier Wave of Peak Voltage 12 V is Used to Transmit a Message Signal. What Should Be the Peak Voltage of the Modulating Signal in Order to Have a Modulation Index of 75%? - Physics


A carrier wave of peak voltage 12 V is used to transmit a message signal. What should be the peak voltage of the modulating signal in order to have a modulation index of 75%?



Amplitude of the carrier wave, Ac = 12 V

Modulation index, m = 75% = 0.75

Amplitude of the modulating wave = Am

Using the relation for modulation index:

`m = A_m/A_c`

`:. A_m = mA_c`

`= 0.75 xx 12 = 9 V`

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Chapter 15: Communication Systems - Exercise [Page 530]


NCERT Physics Class 12
Chapter 15 Communication Systems
Exercise | Q 5 | Page 530


The process of superimposing a low frequency signal on a high frequency wave is_______ .

Define modulation and transducer

Define modulation index.

Draw a sketch of a sinusoidal carrier wave along with a modulating signal and show how these are superimposed to obtain the resultant amplitude modulated wave

How are side bands produced?

The carrier wave is given by

C(t) = 2sin(8πt) volt.

The modulating signal is a square wave as shown. Find modulation index.


Due to economic reasons, only the upper sideband of an AM wave is transmitted, but at the receiving station, there is a facility for generating the carrier. Show that if a device is available which can multiply two signals, then it is possible to recover the modulating signal at the receiver station.

Explain the need for modulation related to the size of antenna (aerial).

Why is Modulation index kept low?

In a communication system, what is meant by modulation?

State any two types of modulation

The carrier wave of a signal is given by C(t) = 3 sin (8πt) volt. The modulating signal is a square wave as shown. Find its modulation index.

Define the term modulation. Draw a block diagram of a simple modulator for obtaining AM signal ?

Broadcasting antennas are generally ______.

I-V characteristics of four devices are shown in Figures.

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

Identify devices that can be used for modulation.

A male voice after modulation-transmission sounds like that of a female to the receiver. The problem is due to ______.

A 25 m long antenna is mounted on an antenna tower. The height of the antenna tower is 75 m. The wavelength (in meter) of the signal transmitted by this antenna would be ______.

A carrier wave Vc(t) = 160 sin(2π × 106t) volts is made to vary between Vmax = 200 V and Vmin = 120 V by a message signal Vm(t) = Am sin(2π × 103t) volts. The peak voltage Am of the modulating signal is ______.

A transmitting antenna has a height of 320 m and that of receiving antenna is 2000 m. The maximum distance between them for satisfactory communication in line of sight mode is 'd'. The value of 'd' is ______ km.


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