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A Car Moves a Distance of 2592 Km with Uniform Speed. the Number of Hours Taken for the Journey is One-half the Number Representing the Speed, in Km/Hour. Find the Time Taken to Cover the Distance. - Mathematics

Answer in Brief

A car moves a distance of 2592 km with uniform speed. The number of hours taken for the journey is one-half the number representing the speed, in km/hour. Find the time taken to cover the distance.

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Distance covered = 2592 km
Let the speed of the car be x km/h
According to the question, Time =

\[\frac{\text { speed }}{2} = \frac{x}{2}h\]

we know that \[\text { speed } = \frac{\text { distance} }{\text { time }}\]

\[x = \frac{2592}{x/2}\]

\[ x^2 = 5184\]

\[x = \sqrt{5184}\]

\[x = 72\]

\[\text { Speed of the car } = 72 \text { km/h }\]

\[\text { Time taken to cover the given distance = 36 h }\]

Concept: Situational Problems Based on Quadratic Equations Related to Day to Day Activities to Be Incorporated
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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 4 Quadratic Equations
Exercise 4.8 | Q 15 | Page 59
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