A Box with Lid is Made of 2 Cm Thick Wood. Its External Length, Breadth and Height Are 25 Cm, 18 Cm and 15 Cm Respectively - Mathematics

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A box with lid is made of 2 cm thick wood. Its external length, breadth and height are 25 cm, 18 cm and 15 cm respectively. How much cubic cm of a liquid can be placed in it? Also, find the volume of the wood used in it.

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Given external dimensions of cuboid are

`l=25cm, b=18cm,h=15cm.`

∴External volume =`lxxbxxh`



Internal dimension of cuboid.



internal volume = l x b x h



∴Volume of liquid that can be placed =`3234cm^3`

Now, volume of wood = external volume – Internal volume


`=3516 cm^3`


Concept: Volume of a Cuboid
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 18 Surface Areas and Volume of a Cuboid and Cube
Exercise 18.2 | Q 11 | Page 30

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