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A Box Contains 24 Marbles, Some Are Green and Others Are Blue. If a Marble is Drawn at Random from the Jar, the Probability that It is Green is 2/3. the Number of Blue Balls in the Jar Is: - Mathematics


A box contains 24 marbles, some are green and others are blue. If a marble is drawn at random from the jar, the probability that it is green is 2/3. The number of blue balls in the jar is:


  • 13

  • 12

  • 16

  • 8

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Total number of marbles = 24

probability of picking green marbles = `2/3`

probability of picking blue marbles = `1 - 2/3 = 1/3`

`1/3 = "x"/24`

x = 8

Concept: Probability (Entrance Exam)
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