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A Body is Moving Along a Circular Path of Radius R. What Will Be the Distance Travelled and Displacement of the Body When It Completes Half a Revolution ? - Science

Answer in Brief

A body is moving along a circular path of radius R. What will be the distance travelled and displacement of the body when it completes half a revolution ?

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We have to analyse the distance and displacement of a body that has covered half the perimeter of a circle.
Distance travelled in half a rotation of a circular path is equal to the circumference of semi-circle.
Distance travelled = πR
Displacement is calculated from the initial and final positions of a body. It is independent of the path covered. So, displacement is the diameter of the semi-circle.
Hence, displacement is 2R, where R is the radius of the circular path.

Concept: Displacement
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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 1 Motion
Hots Questions | Q 55 | Page 22
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