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A Beam of Parallel Light Rays is Incident Through the Holes on One Side of a Box and Emerges Out Through the Holes on Its Opposite Side as Shown in the Diagram Below: Which of the Following Could Be Inside the Box? (A) a Rectangular Glass Block (B) a Concave Lens (C) a Convex Lens (D) a Glass Prism - Science

A beam of parallel light rays is incident through the holes on one side of a box and emerges out through the holes on its opposite side as shown in the diagram below:

Which of the following could be inside the box?
(a) a rectangular glass block
(b) a concave lens
(c) a convex lens
(d) a glass prism 

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a convex lens

The beam of light is converging when it is coming out of the box; therefore, there should be a convex lens inside the box. 

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 5 Refraction of Light
Q 20 | Page 253
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