A Ball of Mass 0.5 Kg Slows Down from a Speed of 5 M/S So that of 3 M/S. Calculate the Change in Kinetic Energy of the Ball. State Your Answer Giving Proper Units. - Science

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A ball of mass 0.5 kg slows down from a speed of 5 m/s so that of 3 m/s. Calculate the change in kinetic energy of the ball. State your answer giving proper units.

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Mass of the ball, (m) = 0.5 kg
Initial velocity, (v1) = 5 m/s
Final velocity, (v2) = 3 m/s
So, initial kinetic energy can be calculated as,
`K.E = 1/2 mv^2`
Therefore, initial kinetic energy,
`(K.E)_1 = 1/2 xx 0.5 xx 5^2` J
= 6.25 J
Similarly, final kinetic energy,
`(K.E)_2 = 1/2 xx 0.5 xx 3^2` J
= 2.25 J
So, Work done = Change in kinetic energy
Therefore work done,
Work done = (KE)2 – (KE)1
                  = (2.25 – 6.25) J
                   = – 4 J
A negative sign shows that the force applied is opposite to the direction of motion of the body.

Concept: Mechanical Energy and Its Different Forms
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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 4 Work and energy
Long Answers | Q 57.3 | Page 147
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