A Balanced 3 Phase Star Connected Load Consists of Three Coils Each Consisting of R=6Ο‰ and 𝑿𝑳= 8Ο‰ . Determine the Line Current , Power Factor When the Load is Connected Across 400v, 50hz, Supply - Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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A balanced 3 phase star connected load consists of three coils each consisting of R=6Ω and 𝑿𝑳= 8Ω . Determine the line current , power factor when the load is connected across 400V, 50Hz, supply

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R= 6٠𝑋𝐿 = 8Ω V=400V f=50Hz
1) Power factor
`overline(Z_(ph))`= 𝑅 + 𝑗𝑋𝐿 = 6 + j8 = 10∠53.13°
`overline(Z_(ph))` = 10Ω
πœ‘ = 53.13°
Pf = cos πœ‘ = cos(53.13) = 0.600
Power factor = 0.600
2) Line current.




Concept: Three Phase Current Generation
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