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A Bag Contains One White and One Red Ball. a Ball is Drawn from the Bag. If the Ball Drawn is White It is Replaced in the Bag and Again a Ball is Drawn. Otherwise, a Die is Tossed. - Mathematics

A bag contains one white and one red ball. A ball is drawn from the bag. If the ball drawn is white it is replaced in the bag and again a ball is drawn. Otherwise, a die is tossed. Write the sample space for this experiment.

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A bag contains one white ball (W) and one red ball (R).
When one ball is drawn, it will be either or R.
The sample space of drawing one white ball with replacement and then again drawing a ball is {(W, W), (W, R)}.
Again, if red ball is drawn, a dice is rolled.
The sample space associated with this experiment is given by {(R, 1)(R, 2)(R, 3)(R, 4)(R, 5)(R, 6)}.
Hence, the sample space S for this experiment is S = {(W, W)(W, R)(R, 1)(R, 2)(R, 3)(R, 4)(R, 5)(R, 6)}.

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RD Sharma Class 11 Mathematics Textbook
Chapter 33 Probability
Exercise 33.1 | Q 21 | Page 7
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