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A Bag Contains Lemon Flavoured Candies Only. Malini Takes Out One Candy Without Looking into the Bag. What is the Probability that She Takes Out a Lemon Flavoured Candy? - Mathematics

A bag contains lemon flavoured candies only. Malini takes out one candy without looking into the bag. What is the probability that she takes out a lemon flavoured candy?

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As the bag has lemon flavoured candies, Malini will take out only lemon flavoured candies. Therefore, event that Malini will take out a lemon flavoured candy is a sure event.  P (a lemon flavoured candy) = 1

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NCERT Class 10 Maths
Chapter 15 Probability
Exercise 15.1 | Q 6.2 | Page 308
RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 16 Probability
Exercise 16.1 | Q 31.2 | Page 22
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