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A Bag Contains 3 Red Balls, 4 Blue Balls and 1 Yellow Ball, All the Balls Being Identical in Shape and Size. If a Ball is Taken Out of the Bag Without Looking into It; Find the Probability that the - Mathematics


A bag contains 3 red balls, 4 blue balls and 1 yellow ball, all the balls being identical in shape and size. If a ball is taken out of the bag without looking into it; find the probability that the ball is: 


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Total number of balls in the bag=3+4+1=8 balls 

Number of possible outcomes=8=n(s) 

Event of drawing a yellow ball={Y}

n(E) = 1

Probability of drawing a yellow ball =`(n(E))/(n(s))=1/8 `

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Selina Concise Maths Class 10 ICSE
Chapter 25 Probability
Exercise 25 (C) | Q 1.1 | Page 394
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