A: B is 'The Good'.I Am 'The Ugly'. B: C is 'The Bad'A is Not 'The Good'. C: B is 'The Ugly'.A is Not 'The Bad'. - Logical Reasoning

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Select the correct alternative from the given choices.
Each person out of A, B and C had exactly one different title amongst the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Also, each person always gave two answers to any question. Exactly one among them always spoke the truth, another always lied and the last person always alternates between truth and lie (in any order). When asked about their titles, the following were their replies:

A: B is 'the Good'.I am 'the Ugly'.
B: C is 'the Bad'A is not 'the Good'.
C: B is 'the Ugly'.A is not 'the Bad'.

Which among the following choices has the names of the persons who had the title the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, respectively?


  • A, B, C

  • C, A, B

  • B, C, A

  • A, C, B

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A, C, B
If A always speaks the truth, then B Is the Good', A is the Ugly', hence C is 'the Bad'; which also means that B is also the truth-teller. Hence, neither A nor B is the truth-teller.
Therefore, C must be the truth-teller, which gives us the following arrangement:
A → the Good;
C → the Bad;
B → the Ugly

Concept: Statement and Assumption (Entrance Exam)
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