A and B Are Standing at a Distance of 20 Km from Each Other on a Straight East-west Road. a and B Start Walking Simultaneously Eastwards and Westwards Respectively and Both Cover a Distance of 5 Km. - Logical Reasoning


Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.
A and B are standing at a distance of 20 km from each other on a straight East-West road. A and B start walking simultaneously eastwards and westwards respectively and both cover a distance of 5 km. Then A turns to his left and walks 10 km. B turns to his right and walks 10 km at the same speed. Then both turn to their left and cover a distance of 5 km at the same speed.
What will be the distance be tween them?


  • 10km

  • 30km

  • 20km

  • 25km



Required distance = 5 + 5 = 10 km.

Concept: Direction and Distance Test (Entrance Exam)
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Read the following information carefully to answer the question.

A. Six flats on a floor in two rows facing North and South are allotted to P, Q, R, S, T, and U.
B. Q gets a North facing flat and is not next to S.
C. S and U get diagonally opposite flats.
D. R, next to U, gets a South facing flat and T gets a North facing flat. 

The flats of which of the other pairs than SU, is diagonally opposite to each other?

Read the following information carefully to answer this question:

A. Six flats on a floor in two rows facing North and South are allotted to P, Q, R, S, T, and U.
B. Q gets a North facing flat and is not next to S.
C. S and U get diagonally opposite flats.
D. R, next to U, gets a South facing flat and T gets a North facing flat.

If the fiats of T and P are interchanged, whose flat will be next to that of U? 

Choose the most appropriate option for the following question.

Sunil’s school bus is facing North when it reaches his school. After starting from Sunil’s house, it turned right twice and then left before reaching the school. What direction the bus was facing when it left the bus stop in front of Sunil’s house?

‘X’ started walking towards the west, after travelling 5 kilometres turned exactly to his right and walked 3 kms. Then he decided to walk exactly to his left. On reaching 2 kilometres, he heard a voice and walked back. Then he noticed that his friend ‘Y’ was walking towards him from his right side. In which direction is ‘Y’ walking?

Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.
From my house, I walked 5 km towards North. I turned right and walked 3 km. Against I went one km to the south. How far am I from my house?

Radha moves towards South-East a distance of 7 km, then she moves towards West and travels a distance of 14 km. From here she moves towards North-West a distance of 7 km and finally she moves a distance of 4 km towards east. How far is she now from the starting point?

Village Q is to the North of the village P. The village R is in the East of Village Q. The village S is to the left of the village P. In which direction is the village S with respect to village R?

Sundar runs 20 m towards East and turns to right and runs 10 m. Then he turns to the right and runs 9 m. Again he turns to right and runs 5 m. After this, he turns to left and runs 12 m and finally he turns to right and 6 m. Now to which direction is Sundar facing?

Sachin walks 20 km towards North. He turns left and walks 40 km. He again turns left and walks 20 km. Finally, he moves 20 km after turning to the left. How far is he from his starting position?

Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.
Neeraj starts walking towards the South. After walking 15 meters, he turns towards North. After walking 20 meters, he turns towards East and walks 10 meters. He then turns towards the South and walks 5 meters. How far is he from his original position and in which direction?

I go 100 metres towards North from my house, then I turn left and go 200 metres, then turning left I go 200 metres, then again turning left I go 100 metres, and then turning left again I go 100 metres, in which direction am I now from my house?

Ram is facing North-West. He turns in clockwise direction by 90°, then 180° in the anti-clockwise direction and then another 90° in the same direction.

Which direction is he facing now?

A child crawls 20 feet towards North, turns right and crawls 30 feet, turns right again and crawls 35 feet. He turns left now and crawls 15 feet. He turns left again and crawls 15 feet. Finally he turns to his left to crawl another 15 feet.

How far is he from his starting point and in which direction?

My brother is 562 days older to me, while my sister is 75 weeks older to him. If my sister was born on Tuesday, on what day was I born?

Shyam travels 5 km towards East and turns left and moves 6 km further. He then turns right and moves 9 km. Finally, he turns once again to his right and moves 6 km.

How far is he from the starting point?

X was born on March 6, 1993. The same year Independence Day was celebrated on Friday. Find out the birth day of X.

Mr. X, the President of a club arrived in a meeting at 10 minutes to 12:30 hrs. Mr. X came earlier by 20 minutes than the other participating members in the meeting, who arrived late by 30 minutes. At what time was the meeting scheduled?

You are given a 60 inch long ribbon, and you are instructed to cut 601 inch long strips out of this ribbon. The time taken to cut one strip is one second. So how long will it take to cut 60 strips?

Suraj reached the coffee shop 20 minutes before 8: 50 h, and he came 30 minutes before Suman who reached 40 minutes late. What was the scheduled time of meeting?

A bus for New Delhi leaves every two and half hour from Kashipur Bus Stand. An announcement was made at the bus stand that the bus for New Delhi has left 40 minutes ago and the next bus will leave at 18 h.
At what time the announcement was made?

Two buses start from opposite points towards each other on a main road, 185 km apart. The first bus runs for 35 km and takes a right turn and runs for 17 km. It then turns left and runs for another 42 km and takes the direction back to reach the main road, in the meantime, due to a minor breakdown, the other bus has run only 36 km along the main road. What would the distance between the two buses be at this point?

Mukesh was facing the south. He walked 5 km straight and from there he turned at a 90° angle to his right and walked 5 km. Then he turned at a 45° angle to his left and walked 3 km. Where will he be from his actual position?

A wristwatch reads 7.30 am. If the hour hand points southwest, then in what direction will the minute hand point after 15 minutes?

Sujal is a good runner who walked 8 km towards the north from point A. He then turned around and started running back at the speed of 6 km/hour. How far would Sujal be from point A after running for 10 minutes?

Anand travels 10 km from his home to the east to reach his school. Then he travels 5 km to the south to reach his father's shop, after school. He then travels 10 km to the west to help his uncle. How far and in which direction is he from his home?

At the time of sunrise, Lokesh is sitting facing a pole. If the shadow of the pole falls to his right, then which direction is Lokesh facing?

Rajni was facing the north-west. She moved 5 m, turned left and walked 3 m. Then she turned right and walked 8 m and stopped there. Which direction is she facing now?

A person walks 7 metres towards south. After taking a left turn he walks 12 metres. Again he takes a left turn and walks 2 metres. What is the distance between the starting point and final point?

A man starts from a point A and walks 5 metres in the east then he turns right and walks 3 metres, again he turns right and walks 9 metres and ftnaµy he takes a right turn walks 3 metres. Now how far is the man from point A and in which direction?

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

       Point B is 25 m south of Point A. Point C is 10 m east of Point B. Point D is 30 m north of Point C. Point E is 7 m east of Point D. Point X is 18 m south of Point E. Point M is 12 m south of Point X Point C is 7 m west of Point M.

Point B is in which direction from Point D?


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