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A 20 Cm Long Capillary Tube is Dipped in Water. the Water Rises up to 8 Cm. If the Entire Arrangement is Put in a Freely Falling Elevator, the Length of Water Column in the Capillary Tube Will Be - Physics


A 20 cm long capillary tube is dipped in water. The water rises up to 8 cm. If the entire arrangement is put in a freely falling elevator, the length of water column in the capillary tube will be


  •  8 cm

  •  6 cm

  •  10 cm

  •  20 cm

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\[\text{ Height of water column in capillary tube is given by: } \]

\[h = \frac{2Tcos\theta}{r\rho g}\]

\[\text{ A free falling elevator experiences zero gravity }. \]

\[ \Rightarrow h = \frac{2Tcos\theta}{r\rho0} = \infty \]

\[\text{ But, h = 20 cm (given)}\]

\[\text{ Therefore, the height of the water column will remain at a maximum of 20 cm} .\]

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 14 Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
MCQ | Q 22 | Page 299
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