66640 Pa Pressure is Exerted by 0.50 M Vertical Column of a Liquid. If G = 9.8 Nkg−1, Calculate the Density of the Liquid. - Physics

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66640 Pa pressure is exerted by 0.50 m vertical column of a liquid. If g = 9.8 Nkg−1, calculate the density of the liquid.

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Pressure + P = 66640 Pa 
Vertical length of liquid column = h = 0.50 m
Acceleration due to gravity g = 9.8 ms−2
ρ = `66640/(0.50xx9.8)`
ρ = 13600 kgm−3

Concept: Transmission of Pressure in Liquids
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Goyal Brothers Prakashan Class 9 A New Approach to ICSE Physics Part 1
Chapter 4 Pressure in Fluids
Practice Problems 2 | Q 1
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