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57co Decays to 57fe by β+- Emission. the Resulting 57fe is in Its Excited State and Comes to the Ground State by Emitting γ-rays. the Half-life of β+- - Physics


57Co decays to 57Fe by β+- emission. The resulting 57Fe is in its excited state and comes to the ground state by emitting γ-rays. The half-life of β+- decay is 270 days and that of the γ-emissions is 10−8 s. A sample of 57Co gives 5.0 × 109 gamma rays per second. How much time will elapse before the emission rate of gamma rays drops to 2.5 × 109per second?

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According to the question, when the β+ decays to half of its original amount, the emission rate of γ-rays will drop to half. For this, the sample will take 270 days.

Therefore, the required time is 270 days.

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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 24 The Nucleus
Q 28 | Page 443
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