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32p Beta-decays to 32s. Find the Sum of the Energy of the Antineutrino and the Kinetic Energy of the β-particle. Neglect the Recoil of the Daughter Nucleus. Atomic Mass - Physics


32P beta-decays to 32S. Find the sum of the energy of the antineutrino and the kinetic energy of the β-particle. Neglect the recoil of the daughter nucleus. Atomic mass of 32P = 31.974 u and that of 32S = 31.972 u.

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Atomic mass of 32P, m(32P) = 31.974 u
Atomic mass of 32S, m(32S) = 31.972 u
Reaction :

`P^32 → S^32 + _1V^0 + _-1beta^0`

Energy of antineutrino and β-particle, E = `[m(""^32P) - m(""^32S)]c^2`

= `(31.974  "u" - 31.972  "u")c^2`

= `0.002 xx 931 = 1.862  "MeV"`

Concept: Mass-Energy Relation and Mass Defect
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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 24 The Nucleus
Q 10 | Page 442
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