2 × 108 Atoms of Carbon Are Arranged Side by Side. Calculate the Radius of Carbon Atom If the Length of this Arrangement is 2.4 Cm. - Chemistry


2 × 108 atoms of carbon are arranged side by side. Calculate the radius of carbon atom if the length of this arrangement is 2.4 cm.



Length of the given arrangement = 2.4 cm

Number of carbon atoms present = 2 × 108

∴ Diameter of carbon atom

`= (2.4xx10^(-2)" m")/(2xx10^8)`

`= 1.2 xx 10^(-10) " m"`

`:. "Radius of carbon atom"  = "Diameter"/2`

`= (1.2 xx 10^(-10)" m")/2`

`= 6.0 xx 10^(-11) " m"`

Concept: Isobars
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Chapter 2: Structure of Atom - EXERCISES [Page 71]


NCERT Chemistry Part 1 and 2 Class 11
Chapter 2 Structure of Atom
EXERCISES | Q 2.36 | Page 71


Write the electronic configuration of any one pair of isotopes and isobars.

Explain Isobars with examples.

If the diameter of a carbon atom is 0.15 nm, calculate the number of carbon atoms which can be placed side by side in a straight line across the length of scale of length 20 cm long.

Which of the following are isotopes and which are isobars ?
Argon, Deuterium, Calcium, Tritium, Protium

What are isobars ? Explain with an example.

The mass number of two atoms X and Y is the same (40 each) but their atomic number are different (being 20 and 18 respectively). X and Y are examples of :

The four atomic species can be represented as follows. Out of these, the two species which can be termed isobars are :





The atomic species A and B have different number of protons but the same number of nucleons. On the other hand, the atomic species X and Y have the same number of protons but different number of nucleons. Which pair is an example of isobars ? Why ?

Composition of the nuclei of two atomic species A and B is given as under  :

  A B
Protons : 18 20
Neutrons : 22 20

Give the mass numbers of A and B. What is the relation between the two species and which element or elements they represent ?

Which of the following pairs are isobars ?
(i) `""_26^58"A"`, `""_28^58"B"`

(ii) `""_35^79"X"`, `""_35^80"Y"`
Give reasons for your choice.

Calcium and Argon are examples of a pair of ______.

Isotopes have same ———but different———.

Define Isobars. Give example.

Two atoms are said to be isobars if.

Two atoms are said to be isobars if ______.

Distinguish isotopes from isobar.

Distinguish isotopes from isobar.

Distinguish isotopes from isobar.

Distinguish isotopes from isobar.

Distinguish isotopes from isobar.


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