"1960s Were Labelled as the 'Dangerous Decade'." Explain with the Help of Any Four Arguments. - Political Science


"1960s were labelled as the 'dangerous decade'." Explain with the help of any four arguments.



Four arguments supporting the label given to the 1960s as a dangerous decade:-

i) The serious doubts which many outsiders had about whether India's democratic experiment will survive after Nehru.

ii) A fear that India too like so many other newly independent countries would not be able to manage a democratic succession.

iii) A fear of failure to do so could lead to a political role for the army. Besides, there were doubts if the new leadership would be able to handle the multiple crises which awaited a solution.

iv) Unresolved problems such as poverty, inequality, communal and regional divisions could lead to a failure of the democratic project or even the disintegration of the country.

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