Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 8th Standard
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120 Bags of Half Litre Milk Can Be Filled by a Machine Within 3 Minutes Find the Time to Fill Such 1800 Bags ? - Mathematics


120 bags of half litre milk can be filled by a machine within 3 minutes find the time to fill such 1800 bags ?

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The time required to fill the bags of milk varies directly as the time required to fill the bags.

Let the number of minutes be x and the number of bags be y.

Here, x varies directly as y i.e. \[x \propto y\] .

∴ x = ky, where is k is constant of variation

When x = 3, y = 120.

∴ 3 = k × 120

⇒ k = \[\frac{3}{120} = \frac{1}{40}\]

So, the equation of variation is  \[x = \frac{1}{40}y\] .

When y = 1800,

\[x = \frac{1}{40} \times 1800 = 45\]

Thus, the time required to fill 1800 bags with milk is 45 minutes.

Concept: Time, Work, Speed
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Balbharati Mathematics 8th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 7 Variation
Practice Set 7.3 | Q 3 | Page 40
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