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(1) Some People Seem to Have a Compulsive Need to Work Continually, They May Be Called Work-addicts. (M) However They Never Quite Reach the Top (N) There Are Companies Which - English Language


The first and the last sentence of the paragraph are given. Other sentences are given in the jumbled form. You have to arrange the sentences to make it a readable passage.

(1) Some people seem to have a compulsive need to work continually, they may be called work-addicts.
(M) However they never quite reach the top
(N) There are companies which expect everyone to be at work early and stay back late 
(O) Because of their diligence, they tend to get a rapid promotion at first 
(P) Work addicts generally end up in such organisations. 
The correct sequence should be:


  • PNMO

  • MOPN

  • OMNP

  • NPOM

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NPOM is the correct option.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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