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1) Name One State Where this Crop Grows Well. 2) Why Are Mostly Women Employed to Harvest It? 3) Mention Two Geographical Conditions Suitable for the Cultivation of this Crop. - Geography

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Study the picture given below and answer the question that follows:

1) Name one state where this crop grows well.

2) Why are mostly women employed to harvest it?

3) Mention two geographical conditions suitable for the cultivation of this crop.

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1) This is a tea crop which grows well in Assam.

2) Most women are employed for tea picking because they are better pickers of tea leaves and can be employed at cheaper rates.

3) Two geographical conditions required for the cultivation of this crop are

  • The tea crop grows well in the humid climate with an annual rainfall of 150 cm
    which is well distributed throughout the year.
  • It grows well in temperature ranging from 24°C to 30°C.
Concept: Methods of Cultivation of Crops
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