Question Paper - Science and Technology - 2 2014 - 2015-S.S.C-Board Exam Maharashtra State Board (MSBSHSE)



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SubjectScience and Technology - 2
Year2014 - 2015 (March)

Marks: 40
Q: 1[10]
Q: 1.1[5]
Q: 1.1.1 | Find the correlation in the given pair and rewrite the answer :[2]

Tinning : Tin : : Galvanizing : _________

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Mammals : _________ : : Amphibia : Fishes

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Q: 1.1.2 | State True or False :[3]

Solar water – heater works on renewable energy system

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In human beings the blood goes to the heart in one cycle once.

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In frogs, thyroid secretion stimulates the metamorphosis from tadpole to adult frog.

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Q: 1.2 | Rewrite the following statements by selecting the correct options :[5]
Q: 1.2.1[1]

The molecular formula of acetic acid is _________ .
(b) CH3 – CH3
(c) C6H6
(d) C2H4

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Q: 1.2.2[1]

Carbon dioxide enters into the leaves through tiny pores present on the surface of the leaf called _________.
(a) chlorophyll
(b) chloroplast
(c) stomata
(d) epidermis

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Q: 1.2.3[1]

_________ solution is blue in colour.
(a) CuSO4
(b) FeSO4
(c) ZnSO4
(d) Al2(SO4)3

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Q: 1.2.4[1]

Yeast reproduces by _________.
(a) spore formation
(b) multiple fission
(c) fragmentation
(d) budding

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Q: 1.2.5[1]

Raisins put in water absorb water by the process of _________.
(a) diffusion
(b) osmosis
(c) transpiration
(d) excretion

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Q: 2 | Solve any five of the following :[10]
Q: 2.1[2]

Give scientific reason: Common salt has high melting point and boiling point.

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Q: 2.2[2]

Draw neat labelled diagram of the pancreas with their associated structures

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Q: 2.3[2]

State the connecting links between Peripatus with Annelida and Arthopoda.

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Q: 2.4[2]

Name any two plant hormones and state their functions.

What are plant hormones?

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Q: 2.5[2]

Differentiate between Toilet soap and Laundry soap.

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Q: 2.6[2]

State any four objectives of sustainable development.

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Q: 3 | Answer any five of the following :[15]
Q: 3.1[3]

What is an alloy?

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Give two examples of alloys with their chemical composition.

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Q: 3.2[3]

Name the following :
(a) Cells that assist the neuron in their function
(b) The small gap between the consecutive neurons
(c) Part of the brain that co-ordinates the voluntary functions

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Q: 3.3[3]

Explain the process of fertilization in human beings.

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Explain the process of development in human beings.

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Explain the process of birth in human beings.

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Q: 3.4[3]

What are vestigial organs?

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Give two examples of vestigial organs  in human beings and plants.

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Q: 3.5[3]

What is recycling of waste?

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Examples of recycling of waste.

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State two advantages of recycling.

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Q: 3.6[3]

Which mode of reproduction gives rise to variation?

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Give the importance of variation in survival of species.

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Q: 4 | Answer any one of the following :[5]
Q: 4.1[5]

Given below are the end products of different reactions involving glucose. Write the appropriate end product in front of the following:

(1) Anaerobic reaction =
(2) Reaction in human muscles =
(3) Aerobic respiration
(4) Reaction in plant cells =
(5) Reaction in liver =

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Q: 4.2 | Answer the following questions:[5]
Q: 4.2.1[1]

Give other two names of ethanol.

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Q: 4.2.2[1]

Give the structural formula of ethanol.

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Q: 4.2.3[1]

Give two properties of ethanol.

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Q: 4.2.4[2]

Explain the action of phosphorous trichloride with ethanol. Write the balanced chemical equation of the above reaction.

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