Question Paper - Geometry 2014 - 2015-S.S.C-Board Exam Maharashtra State Board (MSBSHSE)



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Year2014 - 2015 (March)

Marks: 40
Q: 1 | Solve any five sub-questions :[5]
Q: 1.1[1]

In the following figure seg AB ⊥ seg BC, seg DC ⊥ seg BC. If AB = 2 and DC = 3, find `(A(triangleABC))/(A(triangleDCB))`

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Q: 1.2[1]

Find the slope and y-intercept of the line y = -2x + 3.

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Q: 1.3[1]

In the following figure, in ΔABC, BC = 1, AC = 2, ∠B = 90°. Find the value of sin θ.

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Q: 1.4[1]

Find the diagonal of a square whose side is 10 cm.

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Q: 1.5[1]

The volume of a cube is 1000 cm3. Find the side of a cube.

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Q: 1.6[1]

If two circles with radii 5 cm and 3 cm respectively touch internally, find the distance between their centres.

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Q: 2 | Solve any four sub-questions :[8]
Q: 2.1[2]

If sin θ =3/5, where θ is an acute angle, find the value of cos θ.

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Q: 2.2[2]

Draw ∠ABC of measure 105° and bisect it.

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Q: 2.3[2]

Find the slope of the line passing through the points A(-2, 1) and B(0, 3).

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Q: 2.4[2]

Find the area of the sector whose arc length and radius are 8 cm and 3 cm respectively.

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Q: 2.5[2]

In the following figure, in Δ PQR, seg RS is the bisector of ∠PRQ.

PS = 3, SQ = 9, PR = 18. Find QR.

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Q: 2.6[2]

In the following figure, if m(are DXE) = 90° and m(are AYC) = 30°. Find ∠DBE.

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Q: 3 | Solve any three sub-questions :[9]
Q: 3.1[3]

In the following figure, Q is the centre of a circle and PM, PN are tangent segments to the circle. If ∠MPN = 50°, find ∠MQN.

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Q: 3.2[3]

Draw the tangents to the circle from the point L with radius 2.7 cm. Point ‘L’ is at a distance 6.9 cm from the centre ‘M’.

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Q: 3.3[3]

The ratio of the areas of two triangles with the common base is 14 : 9. Height of the larger triangle is 7 cm, then find the corresponding height of the smaller triangle.

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Q: 3.4[3]

Two building are in front of each other on either side of a road of width 10 metres. From the top of the first building which is 40 metres high, the angle of elevation to the top of the second is 45°. What is the height of the second building?

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Q: 3.5[3]

Find the volume and surface area of a sphere of radius 2.1 cm.



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Q: 4[8]
Q: 4.1[4]

Prove that ‘the opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral are supplementary’.

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Q: 4.2[4]

Prove that sin6θ + cos6θ = 1 – 3 sin2θ. cos2θ.

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Q: 4.3[4]

A test tube has diameter 20 mm and height is 15 cm. The lower portion is a hemisphere. Find the capacity of the test tube. (π = 3.14)

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Q: 5 | Solve any two sub-questions :[10]
Q: 5.1[5]

Prove that the angle bisector of a triangle divides the side opposite to the angle in the ratio of the remaining sides.

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Q: 5.2[5]

Write down the equation of a line whose slope is 3/2 and which passes through point P, where P divides the line segment AB joining A(-2, 6) and B(3, -4) in the ratio 2 : 3.

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Q: 5.3[5]

ΔRST ~ ΔUAY, In ΔRST, RS = 6 cm, ∠S = 50°, ST = 7.5 cm. The corresponding sides of ΔRST and ΔUAY are in the ratio 5 : 4. Construct ΔUAY.

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